Why Taglogy?

Finding top talent can be difficult for many businesses, either it is big or small, depending on the
candidate’s skills, team chemistry, and economics that meet their budget. All of these issues are
taken care of by our special approach to choosing the best independent contractors.





typical Employment

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0-3 Weeks

1-4 Months

1-4 Months







Very Low


Very High




Very High



Job Specific Quality

Taglogy has a demonstrated history of excellence. We pair your business with talent that has a wealth of relevant experience for the position you’re attempting to fill.

Overall/General Quality

Along with their outstanding technical skills, Taglogy is also vetted for their soft skills, such as attitude, ethical standards, energy, education, and English language ability. Not only do we want them to be amazing workers, but also incredible teammates.

Risk Free Trial

You will always have a trial period when working with a new Taglogy freelancer to determine whether they are a good fit for your needs. You won’t be charged if you don’t think they’re outstanding (and you can even keep any work completed during the trial).

THE Capabilities OF OUR TALENT

Speedy Ramp-up

Taglogy have an attempted and tried track record of brilliance. We coordinate your company with ability that have broad experience applicable to the job you’re attempting to fill.

Easy Interaction

Our personnel can clearly explain complex concepts to all stakeholders and has demonstrated experience in their functional fields.

Flexibility & Dependability

You may scale your Taglogy team up or down in a matter of weeks rather than months or years, however we want you work with our talent over the long term. We have assisted businesses with the formation of their original teams, the hiring of personnel for particular projects, and the expansion of team skills during “crunch-times”. You can change the status of any Taglogers to a part-time position or terminate them as you move between these corporate milestones.

Your Overall Financial Situation

Simple and affordable pricing

We offer you a lot of value in exchange for using our skills. We have helped our clients save up to $1 million annually. Working with Taglogers on an hourly, part-, or full-time basis for a set fee per week is how we charge. No extra costs.

Additional Savings

With Taglogy, you don’t have to worry about benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination trouble, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses, etc. in addition to our affordable weekly rate. We handle those particulars.

Team Spirit

Your capacity to develop a world-class team and product will have a significant impact on your company value, especially for start-ups. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and money to assemble a talented team that can create a fantastic product. Whether a Taglogy is hired to provide in-house teams with more bandwidth or to extend the team’s capabilities, they enable your company to build your team and product faster

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